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Be Sawyer

I’ve always enjoyed being able to find clothes that reflect Deacon’s personality— outgoing, playful and most importantly, ADVENTUROUS!! Be Sawyer embodies just that!! With fun sayings like “Free Range Chicken”, “Feral”, “Don’t Tell Mom” and” Stay Wild and Free” what’s not to love.

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The MOST EFFECTIVE lifestyle change we made to support Deacon was REDUCING MEDIA!  Let’s be real we all have a love-hate relationship with media, especially with the iPad. The majority of Deacon’s life, I was running my business, so the iPad and movie time became my crutch.  From the ages of 1 to 5 it wasn’t within our financial means for him to attend daycare/school full-time. Media became an affordable babysitter.  I could get some work in while he was watching a movie (or two). In my mind, I had this mentality of, “I grew up watching TV and I’m fine.”

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