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The MOST EFFECTIVE lifestyle change we made to support Deacon was REDUCING MEDIA!  Let’s be real we all have a love-hate relationship with media, especially with the iPad. The majority of Deacon’s life, I was running my business, so the iPad and movie time became my crutch.  From the ages of 1 to 5 it wasn’t within our financial means for him to attend daycare/school full-time. Media became an affordable babysitter.  I could get some work in while he was watching a movie (or two). In my mind, I had this mentality of, “I grew up watching TV and I’m fine.”

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Deacon wasn’t settling into the new routine, behavioral issues were becoming more consistent and now sensory concerns became more apparent.  I felt flooded with emotions and I felt like a failure in parenting again. We were fortunate that the pre-school had a great relationship with an Occupational Therapist, Sharon Donnelly.  To make a long story short she observed him in the classroom setting, reported her findings to us and recommended an evaluation. 

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