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NERF WARS!!!  What does that mean?  A house full of kids and Nerf guns all to celebrate Deacon’s 9th Birthday!

Can’t believe this guy is already 9. [Seriously, where has all the time gone?] For the last 3 years Deacon has selected the theme for his birthday and this year he wanted it all to be Nerf related.  For those who’ve known me for a while, I LOVE putting together parties [especially a theme party nonetheless].

Mission: Create a cost-effective orange and blue environment to provide hours of fun for all!


There was a huge sale at Hobby Lobby so I jumped at the chance to DIY the invitations [let’s be real I never pass up making invitations].  I was able to get all my paper and paper tape at either 40- 50% off and splurge on some new tools. Step-by-step instructions on the invitations will come up on Wednesday so make sure to come back for further details.

INVITATION TOTAL = $55.87 (price reflects sales tax)

Rendering of invitation

Rendering of invitation


No Nerf party wouldn’t be complete without battle stations.  Luckily, with our recent move I was able to hold onto a handful of U-Haul and Home Depot boxes that we were planning to recycle.  We used the following sizes:

·     Large =  10 x $2.33 ea (price reflects 10+ boxes)

·     Medium =  10 x $1.45 ea

·     Large TV Box = $19.95

·     (1) roll of packing tape = $2.95

boxes total = $64.34 (includes sales tax)

I think the success of the battle stations were the buckets of darts that allowed them to immediately refill.  I purchased 1000 darts from Amazon and for $36.99 it was an awesome deal.  Initially, I thought I didn’t purchase enough but there was plenty to go around for all. I’m thankful we didn’t purchase more because I’m sure we’ll still be picking them up a month from now—they’re EVERYWHERE!!! 

BATTLE STATION TOTAL. = $101.33 (price reflects sales tax)



To coordinate with Nerf’s signature blue and orange colors the food selection remained in the same color palette.  Beverages were water and Gatorade in orange and berry [blue].  Healthy choices we provided were baby carrots and clementine oranges. The main dish was pizza [let’s be real what kid doesn’t love pizza, especially Costco pizza.]. For something crunchy, Deacon requested Cheeto puffs.  

(4) - pizza from Costco 

·     (1) cheese

·     (2) pepperoni

·     (1) combo

(1) - 5lb Bag of clementine oranges from Costco

(1) - Case of water bottles from Costco

(2) -   Packages of (8) – 20oz Gatorade bottles

·     (1) orange

·     (1) blue

(2) - Plastic table liners 

(6)  - Blue serving bowls

REFUELING STATION = $89.62 (includes sales tax)

Image sources:   Carrots ,  Cheetos ,  Gatorade  and  clementines


When Chase, my husband, was younger his mom would purchase a plain sheet cake and would have all the kids decorate the cake. I always thought this was a fun tradition but never implemented it until this year. [Due to past venue rules or a special cake request from Deacon.]. I was excited to finally try this out and I knew Costco would be the perfect place to purchase the cake. Seriously though, they produce a delicious cake and at $19.99 you can’t beat that deal. For the icing I chose not to make it on my own. I opted for icing pouches in an assortment of colors along with a large container of sprinkles.

I wasn’t sure what the response would be but they ALL enjoyed it. At first the kids were baffled by my instructions. I simply told them to do as they pleased. Once they realized they could do whatever they wanted—they went to town. This meant squeezing every bit of icing onto the cake and dumping [yes, I said dumping] the ENTIRE container of sprinkles!! The end result may not appear of something coming from a bakery but they’re amusement with the project was satisfying all in itself.

(1) - sheet cake from Costco

(5) - tubes of icing poches

(1) - large container of mixed color sprinkles

CAKE = $38.11 (includes sales tax)

The end result of the cake decorating

The end result of the cake decorating


Overall I would say it was a success!! Kids had a blast and Deacon was so appreciative of it all!

My goal was to spend less for this party then we did last year. The grand total for the entire party was = $284.93. With 18 kids attending that makes it $15.82 per child to include food and entertainment. On the plus side, we were able to accommodate the party in the comfort of our own home so I say it was a WIN-WIN for everyone!